Replacing a lost visa outside the UK

What to do if you lose your visa outside the UK.

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Step 1 - Report it

Report it to the Home Office using their online form.

Once you have reported your visa as lost or stolen, it will be cancelled. You cannot undo this cancellation, even if you find your visa. You should make sure you have looked for your visa before you report it to the Home Office.

Step 2 - Contact us

If you need help with the process, you can contact us. We can explain how to obtain a temporary replacement visa to help you travel back to the UK. 

Step 3 - Apply for a single-entry visa overseas

You cannot apply for a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) Replacement overseas. This must be done upon your return to the UK.

You should apply for a single-entry visa to help you return to the UK. These can normally take between 2-3 weeks, depending on the service you choose.   

It is important that you consider whether there are visa centres that are open in the country that you are in that offer a service to apply for single entry visa. Check to see where your nearest visa centre is.

Visit the Home Office website to apply for a temporary (single) entry visa, which is also known as a ‘replacement BRP visa’.

You should not travel to the UK until you have a single entry visa.

Step 4 - Apply for a replacement BRP once in the UK

Your single-entry visa will allow you to travel to the UK, but when you arrive, you will then need to apply for a replacement Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) within one month of your return.

We will offer you an appointment to help you apply for a full replacement visa.