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1. Interpretation


These Statutes shall be read with the Charter and words and expressions used in the Charter shall, if not inconsistent with the subject or context, have the same meaning herein.


Unless the context otherwise requires, in these Statutes:

"Academic Staff" means the Warden and all persons holding full-time posts or part-time posts as Professor, Reader, Senior Lecturer or Lecturer tenable at the College or appointed to other such positions or grades of post as the Council on the recommendation of the Academic Board may determine.

"Academic Related Staff" means those members of staff (other than Academic Staff) holding posts which are formally related to Academic Staff grades.

"Professors and Readers" means those persons holding the status or title of Professor or Reader of the University in accordance with University or College Ordinances made under the Regulations of the University of London.

"Charter" means the Charter of the College.

"Committee" includes Board and Sub-Committee.

"Composition" means the constitution of a committee (that is the list of definitions describing how each place will be filled).

"Non-Academic Staff" means all members of the staff of the College who are not members of the Academic Staff.

"Ordinances" means Ordinances made pursuant to the Charter or these Statutes, except where the Ordinances of the University of London are explicitly mentioned.

"Regulations" means Regulations made pursuant to the Charter, these Statutes or the Ordinances, except where the Regulations of the University of London are explicitly mentioned.

"General Regulations" means those Regulations of the College, other than the Financial Regulations, approved by Council.

"Senior Academic Staff" means the Warden, Pro-Wardens, Professors, Readers and Senior Lecturers, and such other members of the Academic Staff of equivalent academic status as may be prescribed by the Ordinances.

"Staff" means all persons employed by the College.

"Standing Orders" means the formal rules approved by Council, governing certain committee procedures in the College.

"Student" means any person who is formally enrolled at the College and registered for any appropriate course as set out in the Regulations.

"Students' Union" means the Students' Union of the College.


Words defined in the Charter or these Statutes shall have the same meaning in the Ordinances and the Regulations unless the context be repugnant thereto.


These Statutes shall be interpreted in such manner as not to conflict with the Charter.


Words importing the singular shall where necessary include the plural number and vice versa, and words importing persons shall include corporations.