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10. The Warden


The Warden shall be responsible to the Council for:

  1. promoting the academic policies, activities and standing of the College;
  2. managing the affairs of the College;
  3. making the necessary arrangements for conducting the business of the College; and
  4. promoting and maintaining the efficiency, good order and development of the College.


The Council shall appoint the Warden.


The Warden shall hold office for such period and (subject to Statute 16) under such conditions as the Council may determine.


The Warden may resign by writing addressed to the Council.


The Warden shall be an ex officio member of the Council, the Academic Board, and such other bodies within the College, with the exception of Audit Committee, as may be determined by the normal procedure for approving the composition of the body concerned, and shall be entitled to attend and speak at any meeting of any committee,
except a committee set up to consider the appointment of or the termination of the appointment of the Warden.


Subject to the provisions of the Charter and these Statutes, the Warden may admit as a student anyone having the requisite qualification in accordance with Regulations made by the Council on the advice of the Academic Board from time to time. The Warden may refuse to admit any person as a student without assigning any reason.


The Warden shall, in accordance with Regulations made by the Council, superintend the education and discipline of the students.


The Warden may, in accordance with Regulations made by the Council, suspend students from any or all of their studies in the College for reasons of academic insufficiency, breach of discipline or other goodreason; and shall ensure that the necessary action is taken forthwith under disciplinary or other appropriate procedures.


Subject to any directions or limitations imposed by the Council the Warden shall have power to delegate any or all of the powers and duties of the post to such member of the staff, or Committee, of the College as the Warden may think fit.