Changing your phone

What to do if you lose your phone or want to change to a different device or method.

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Changing your phone

It is best to plan for changing your authentication methods before you move to your new phone.

If you already have a backup method set up, you can use that to access your authentication methods and change your phone.

If you are only using your current phone, then set up a backup method now. This could be another device or a landline phone.

Once you have your new phone, use the update your authentication methods to add your new phone and delete your old one. Then change your default method to your new phone.

Lost or damaged phone

If you cannot use your phone, update your authentication methods as quickly as possible.

If you have recently signed in on a web browser, you can still access your authentication methods. Or you can use your backup method to authenticate.

Make sure you delete your old phone as a method and create a new one if needed.

If you are worried someone else may use your phone click the 'Lost device? Sign out everywhere' link at the bottom of your authentication methods.

If you don't have a backup method and cannot access your account, contact the IT Service Desk.