MFA explained

What MFA is, how it works and why we are using it at Goldsmiths.

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Goldsmiths uses multi-factor authentication (MFA) for staff signing in to services including Email, Teams, Goldmine and the Library. It will eventually be used for everything you need to sign into.

It significantly improves the security of our systems and protects them against cyber-attackers trying to steal data or bring down our systems.

What MFA is

MFA is where you use more than one method to prove who you are when signing in. Many websites offer this now. For example, it is used in online banking.

The simplest way to do this will be to confirm your sign-in through an app on your phone. Alternatively, you can generate a unique code to enter or receive an automated phone call.

Why we are using MFA

MFA is the most significant step we can take to stop accounts from being compromised.

Goldsmiths has had many accounts compromised, which has had a direct financial impact.

There is a very high risk of ransomware in the UK university sector, threatening the loss of Goldsmiths data, services, and financial resources.

We hold personal information about our students, staff and research participants that we must take every action to protect.