Evrydiki (Eurydice) Fotopoulou

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PositionLecturer in Economics
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Evrydiki (Eurydice) Fotopoulou

Eurydice’s research focuses on gender and macroeconomics, and in particular structular models that investigate income and wealth inequality. She also works on the impact of labour market and fiscal policies, particularly the effects of government spending in social as opposed to physical infrastructure. Her research is interdisciplinary, drawing from economics, sociology and gender studies. Recent collaborative research projects look into the effects of income, gender and wealth inequality, and economic policies on macroeconomic performance (ESRC funding).

Eurydice’s PhD study took place at the University of Greenwich, and she has an MSc in the Political Economy of Development and a BSc in Development Economics from SOAS, University of London. She has previously worked at the Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre, University of Greenwich, SOAS, University of London, the NGO sector, the British Council and the public sector in China and Turkey.


Fotopoulou, Evrydiki, and Karagöl, Erdal Tanas (2012) The euro area crisis and Turkey in the first half of 2012. Washington, DC : SETA - Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research

Research Interests

Macroeconomic modelling

Income distribution inequality

Gender inequality

Fiscal policy

Informal employment in emerging and transition economies