Dr Adèle Gruen

Staff details

Position Lecturer in Marketing
Email a.gruen (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 296 4218
Dr Adèle Gruen

Adèle Gruen joined the Institute of Management Studies in October 2016 as a lecturer in marketing. She holds a BSc in Management, a MSc and a MRes in Marketing and Strategy from Université Paris-Dauphine in France. She holds a PhD in marketing at that same university.

Adele’s research interests lie in the field of the developing access economy (i.e., collaborative consumption or sharing economy). Her research is grounded in consumer culture and aims to understand the relationship consumers develop with objects and places they access and share with other consumers. Specifically, her PhD dissertation explores the concept of consumer appropriation within these new consumption modes. She studied the fields of car sharing and coworking and details the practices through which consumers develop a sense of “wellbeing in use”.

Her research also integrates the role of design in the consumer-object relationship. She is interested in understanding how design research and consumer research can talk to and benefit from one another.  

Academic qualifications

  • BSc in Management - Université Paris-Dauphine
  • MSc and MRes in Marketing and Strategy - Université Paris-Dauphine
  • PhD - Université Paris-Dauphine

Research Interests

  • Consumer Culture Theory
  • Access-based consumption
  • Design research and design practice
  • Consumer appropriation
  • Consumption practices


Book Section

Gruen, Adele and Mimoun, Laetitia. 2019. Guest, Friend, or Colleague? Unpacking Relationship Norms in Collaborative Workplaces. In: Fleura Bardhi; Giana Eckhardt and Russell Belk, eds. Handbook of the Sharing Economy. Edward Elgar. ISBN 9781788110532


Gruen, Adele. 2016. Design and the creation of meaningful consumption practices in access-based consumption. Journal of Marketing Management, 33(3-4), pp. 226-243. ISSN 0267-257X

Gruen, Adele and Darpy, Denis. 2015. The Role of Design in the Appropriation of Shared Objects: Autolib in Paris. Advances in Consumer Research, 43, pp. 388-392. ISSN 0098-9258