Dr Astrid Van den Bossche

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Position Lecturer in Marketing
Email a.vandenBossche (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 296 4220
Dr Astrid Van den Bossche

Astrid Van den Bossche is a Lecturer in Marketing and Interim Head of Learning and Teaching at the Institute of Management Studies. Prior to joining Goldsmiths, she completed her DPhil at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. She also holds a BA in Liberal Arts from University College Maastricht, an MSt in Film Aesthetics from the University of Oxford, and an MSc in Management from London Business School.

Astrid studies what it means to be sceptical of advertising, and focusses on the processes of interpretation in persuasion contexts. In order to address the gulf between interpretive and behavioural approaches to marketing, she introduces cognitive literary theory to advertising research. She is specifically interested in the role of theory of mind in advertising literacy, and her current research examines how mindreading shaped the iconic Maidenform “I dreamed…” campaign (United States, 1949-1969). In terms of methodology, Astrid is exploring the potential of computational approaches to analysing archival materials. 

In a separate project, Astrid is looking at the representation of money and markets in children’s picture books. She is particularly interested in the development of theory of mind in consumer contexts, in gender bias in market-related storytelling, and in the relationship between fictionality and promotional language. 

Astrid’s interest in marketing was awakened during her work experience as a brand strategist. Trained as a film theorist, Astrid noted that cultural savvy seemed as important as business skills when formulating successful brand strategies. These insights guide her teaching. 


Academic Qualifications

BA in Liberal Arts (Media Studies, Computer Science) – University College Maastricht

MSt in Film Aesthetics – University of Oxford

MSc in Management – London Business School

DPhil in Management Studies — Saïd Business School, University of Oxford


Research Interests

Cognitive literary theory

Economic socialisation

Advertising history and theory

Consumer culture theory

Brand strategy


Book Section

Van den Bossche, Astrid. 2017. Stories of Value: The Nature of Money in Three Classic British Picture Books. In: Annabelle Mooney and Evi Sifaki, eds. The Language of Money and Debt: A Multidisciplinary Approach. London: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 33-55. ISBN 9783319575674

Van den Bossche, Astrid. 2017. A New Bridge from Text to Mind: Cognitive Literary Approaches to Advertising. In: Russell Belk, ed. Qualitative Consumer and Market Research, Review of Marketing Research. Emerald, pp. 1-23. ISBN 9781787144927


Campana, Mario; Van den Bossche, Astrid and Miller, Bryoney. 2020. #dadtribe: Performing Sharenting Labour to Commercialise Involved Fatherhood. Journal of Macromarketing, ISSN 0276-1467

Van den Bossche, Astrid and Scott, Linda. 2016. Uppity Women Unite! Marketing the Women’s Movement in America. Advertising & Society Review, 17(1), ISSN 2475-1790

Van den Bossche, Astrid. 2014. The Id Goes Shopping in Its Maidenform Bra: Navigating Gender Spheres in the Postwar “Dreams” Campaign. Advertising & Society Review, 15(2), p. 548119. ISSN 2475-1790