Dr Ai Yu

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Dr Ai Yu

My teaching and research interests lie in understanding the socio-psychological mechanisms underlying organisational practices and behaviours and penetrating organisational workforces. 

Influenced by critical and postmodern theories, I am keen to study the dynamics of organisational practices and their real life impacts on the vast majority of organisation members and those in the wider community who are affected by the organisation’s operation.

I joined the Institute of Management Studies, Goldsmisths University of London in 2015, as Lecturer in Management Studies. Prior to this post, I was appointed as LSE Fellow in the Department of Social Psychology at the LSE. I also worked as Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at University of Bedfordshire for two years. I was awarded an MRes, followed by a PhD, in Organisational and Social Psychology from the LSE, and obtained a BSc and an MSc in Business Administration from Renmin University of China.

Research Interests

  • Longitudinal research design (qualitative)
  • Technology at work 
  • Temporary or alternative way of organising 
  • Themes-based apporach (identity, power, trust)