Dr. Kalbir Shukra

Staff details

Position Programme Convenor/Senior Lecturer
Email k.shukra (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7919 7825

Kalbir joined Goldsmiths in 1991 as an experienced youth and community worker, campaigner and local authority officer after having worked in Hertfordshire, Lewisham and Greenwich.  Since that time she has taught and developed undergraduate and postgraduate Community and Youth Work programmes and been particularly instrumental in developing and strengthening postgraduate provision in Community and Youth Work.  She has co-convened the National Youth Agency endorsed MA in Applied Anthropology and Community and Youth Work teaching for over a decade and also offers supervision for M.phil/PhD.   In addition, Dr Shukra has worked on a series of research projects at Goldsmiths’ Centre for Urban and Community Research and published her work in a range of academic and professional journals.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD (Social Sciences -Interdisciplinary Studies), University of Kent, Canterbury. 
  • PG Diploma (JNC) Youth Work and Community Development


Tutor and Lecturer on all Community and Youth Work programmes.  Co-convenes the MA in Applied Anthropology and Community and Youth Work with a colleague from the Anthropology Dept.

Areas of supervision

Invites PhD applications in any area of community and youth work.  Kalbir is particularly interested in applicants interested in pursuing a PhD in one of the following areas: Youth Work, Anti-Oppressive Approaches to Community and Youth Work, Community Engagement, Third Sector and Minority Political Participation. 

Papers presented

Community cohesion: challenges to anti-oppressive approaches in Community and Youth Work presented to the Positive Action and Community Cohesion in the UK British Academy and Institute of Education seminar held at the Art Workers’ Guild,  Bloomsbury, London in July 2010                                    

New approaches to community and workplace solidarity. Presented to  ‘Help and Representation at Work - the launch of research report’ seminar in September 2010, Trade Union Congress, Congress House, London, United Kingdom.

Research Interests

Kalbir’s reserch interests include minority social movements, youth participation, black politics and anti-racism.  Her recent work has focused on exploring positive forms of participation and community engagement whilst critiquing the development of assimilationist approaches to community cohesion and new managerialist strands of community and youth work.



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Conference or Workshop Item

Shukra, Kalbir . 2010. 'New approaches to community and workplace solidarity'. In: Help and Representation at Work - launch of research report. Trade Union Congress, Congress House, London, United Kingdom September 2010.

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