Ian Hunt

Staff details

Position Critical Studies coordinator and lecturer
Department Art
Email i.hunt (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7078 5191

Ian Hunt teaches from wide-ranging involvements in contemporary art that include gender and generational theory, and how art history meets social history. He is currently researching British sculpture of the 1980s, the architecture of social and council housing and the work of the performance artist Gary Stevens.

Academic qualifications

  • Girton College Cambridge, BA
  • Canterbury College of Art & Design, Foundation in Art & Design


Ian has been an external examiner for the BA Fine Art at the University of Reading (2008-2013) and for the MA Fine Art at the Byam Shaw School of Art, University of the Arts London (2003-2007).

Professional projects

Ian has worked as an art critic and editor since 1991, and his writing has been extensively published in art magazines. He was awarded the Joanna Drew Travel Award.

He has given readings at Parasol Unit, the Jerwood Gallery, Annely Juda Fine Art, The Economist, Cambridge University, and the Openned reading series in London. He performed a staged reading of Frank O'Hara's play 'Change Your Bedding!' at POLYply and participated in Bow Arts Trust's 'As we descended' for The Nunnery's new music series.

Publications and research outputs


Hunt, Ian. 2006. Green Light. London: Barque Press. ISBN 1 903488 57 5

Book Section

Hunt, Ian and Rothschild, Eva. 2017. They Don't Unpack: An interview with Eva Rothschild. In: Patricia Bickers, ed. Talking Art 2: Art Monthly Interviews with Artists Since 2007. London: Ridinghouse and Art Monthly, pp. 85-91. ISBN 9 781909 932 42 5

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Hunt, Ian. 2017. Review of "Neo-Georgian Architecture 1880-1970: a Reappraisal", eds. Julian Holder and Elizabeth McKellar, Historic England, 2016. Architectural History, 60, pp. 359-361. ISSN 0066-622X

Exhibition Catalogue

Hunt, Ian. 2017. Permindar Kaur: Black and Blue.

Hunt, Ian. 2017. Sigrid Holmwood: How to be Creatively Common.

Hunt, Ian. 2016. Simon Lewty: The SIGNificance of Writing.

Hunt, Ian; Archer, Michael and White, Laura. 2015. Goldsmiths BA Fine Art 2015.

Hunt, Ian. 2014. Christopher Cook: a chance encounter on the way down.

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Hunt, Ian. 2014. Yuko Shiraishi: Netherworld.

Hunt, Ian. 2011. A signal box that folds: Lucia Nogueira's sculpture.


Hunt, Ian. 2006. Archive of the Now author page for Ian Hunt.

Conference or Workshop Item

Hunt, Ian. 2019. 'Charlotte Smith and the idea of dependence in nature'. In: Nature Writing's Future Pasts: the Land Lines Conference. School of English, University of Leeds, United Kingdom 28 February - 1 March 2019.

Hunt, Ian. 2017. 'Cultural infrastructure and class differences: a sketch'. In: Cultural Infrastructure. London, United Kingdom.

Hunt, Ian. 2016. 'E.G. Trobridge: Swedenborgian Architect'. In: Swedenborg Birthday Meeting 2016. London, United Kingdom.

Hunt, Ian. 2015. 'Reticence and Resistance in New British Sculpture'. In: Now That's What I Call Sculpture: The 1980s in Retrospect. Warwick Arts Centre, United Kingdom.

Edited Book

Hunt, Ian, ed. 2006. Inclinations. Further writings and interviews by Stuart Morgan. London: Frieze. ISBN 0 95274148 2

Fusco, Maria and Hunt, Ian, eds. 2004. Put About: A Critical Anthology on Independent Publishing. Book Works. ISBN 187069970X