Dr Caspar Addyman

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Position Lecturer
Department Psychology
Email c.addyman (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7896 2788
Dr Caspar Addyman


Caspar is a developmental psychologist and director of the Goldsmiths InfantLab. He is interested in how babies adapt to the world and how we support their learning. He has investigated early concept learning, the foundations of language, time perception and sleep. His most recent research has looked at the importance of laughter and positive emotion in early life. Caspar’s book The Laughing Baby is published by Unbound in 2019.

Grants and Awards

Caspar has received external grant funding from a variety of organisations including: ESRC, European Commission, British Academy, NHS Enterprise East, Procter and Gamble, Cow and Gate.

Public Engagement and Knowledge Exchange

Caspar is strong believer in and advocate for Open Science. He held a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award to promote Open Research in Academia and is a member of the BE-OPEN project which boosts engagement of Serbian Universities in Open Science. All his computer code and experimental data are freely available online via github and figshare.

Caspar has given many public lectures to a wide range of audiences and has performed in museums, theatres, pubs, schools and nurseries, including a talk at TEDx Bratislava on Life lessons from Laughing Babies.

Among the most fun have been various collaborated with various artists to bring his research to the life for both adults and babies. His science show for babies and parents The Joys of Toys that has been performed that the Cheltenham and Northern Ireland science festivals. Together with Prof Lauren Stewart and composer Imogen Heap, Caspar helped create the Happy Song, a song scientifically designed to make babies happy. It has been viewed over 13 million times on YouTube

Caspar’s research has attracted widespread TV and press coverage and has been featured in over 40 international outlets from the the Albuquerque Express to the Zimbabwe Star. See Google News results about Caspar Addyman

On the web

• InfantLab - https://sites.gold.ac.uk/infantlab/

• Twitter - https://twitter.com/czzpr

• GitHub - https://github.com/InfantLab

• Blog - https://babylaughter.net/

• ResearchGate - https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Caspar_Addyman

• Google Scholar - https://scholar.google.co.uk/citations?user=LQOJGZkAAAAJ&hl=en

Research Interests

Caspar’s key research aim is to explain how cognitive systems get built. He studies babies in order to understand adults and seek to explain cognitive processes by looking carefully at their developmental foundations. Caspar’s research uses a diverse range of behavioural methods including eyetracking, electromyography (EMG), motion capture and video games to generate rich multimodal datasets. In parallel, he develops connectionist computational models that provide a principled quantitative framework to explain learning, behaviour and developmental change.

• Infant development
• Parent infant empathy
• Infant and parental sleep
• Speech perception
• Music in infancy
• Concept learning
• Neural networks
• Behaviour change
• Meditation
• Laughter

Publications and research outputs


Addyman, Caspar. 2020. The Laughing Baby: The Extraordinary Science behind what makes babies happy. London: Unbound. ISBN 9781783527960

Addyman, Caspar. 2013. Help Yourself. Createspace. ISBN 1475199465

Book Section

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