Evan Raskob

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Position Lecturer in Physical and Creative Computing
Department Computing
Email e.raskob (@gold.ac.uk)
Twitter @evanraskob
Evan Raskob

Evan Raskob is an experienced interactive artist, consultant, and educator. His teaching experience covers 12+ years of teaching and course development in universities and independently organised workshops, and for private industry (72AndSunny, BBH, Barclays, Ogilvy, Samsung).

As a practising artist and interactive hardware and software consultant, Evan has worked for the past 10+ years on installation, concerts, live performances, and fine art. Evan was recently a full-time tutor on the MA Design Products programme at the Royal College of Art where he ran the “Mixed Reality Design” theme exploring VR/AR and sensory design.

Concurrently, Evan has been pursuing a part-time PhD in Arts and Computational Technology at Goldsmiths, titled “liveness in physical computational art & design”. In particular, he is looking at live computational and procedural sculpting with CNC and 3D printing, augmented by VR/AR and machine learning.

Previously, Evan helped write and run the BA Computer Games Arts programme at UCA, taught MA Experience Design at Kingston, designed and led the BA Design Products and BA Design & Coding courses at Ravensbourne, worked with the artist Robert Whitman on a series of multimedia sculptures, and for over a decade internationally performed live sound and visuals as the artist pixelpusher and now BITLIP.

Research Interests

  • 3D printing and digital fabrication
  • Computational art and design
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR / AR)
  • Art & design pedagogy
  • Livecoding
  • Inter- and Post-disciplinary studies
  • Design Science Fiction
  • Games and gaming



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Conference or Workshop Item

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