Dr Rodger Kibble

Staff details

Position Lecturer
Department Computing
Email r.kibble (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7919 7856
Dr Rodger Kibble

Areas of supervision

Artificial intelligence, formal and computational semantics of natural language, natural language generation and theories of rational agency.

Research Interests

Natural language semantics, generation, intelligent agent theories, dialogue modelling, argumentation theory



Kibble, Rodger. 2020. From Discursive Practice to Logic? Remarks on Logical Expressivism. Dialogue and Discourse, 11(2), pp. 34-73.

Kibble, Rodger. 2006. Reasoning about propositional commitments in dialogue. Research on Language and Computation, 4(2-3), pp. 179-202. ISSN 15707075

Kibble, Rodger. 2006. Speech Acts, commitment and multi-agent communication. Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory, 12(2-3), pp. 127-145. ISSN 1381298X

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Kibble, Rodger. 2001. A Reformation of Rule 2 of Centering Theory. Computational Linguistics, 27(4), pp. 579-587. ISSN 08912017

Conference or Workshop Item

Kibble, Rodger. 2017. 'Communication Breakdown? Reasoning about Language and Rational Agents'. In: AISB 2017: Computing and Philosophy Symposium. University of Bath, United Kingdom 19-21 April 2017.

Kibble, Rodger. 2015. 'Reasoning, representation and social practice'. In: AISB 2015 Convention: Symposium "Social Aspects of Computing and Cognition". University of Kent at Canterbury, United Kingdom.

Kibble, Rodger. 2014. 'Discourse as practice: from Bourdieu to Brandom'. In: AISB 50 Convention: Symposium "Questions, discourse and dialogue: 20 years after Making it Explicit". Goldsmiths University of London, United Kingdom.