Professor Sean Cubitt

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Position Professor of Film and Television, co-convenor of the MA in Media and Communications
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Phone +44 (0)20 79197565
Professor Sean Cubitt

Sean teaches and writes about the history and philosophy of media, and is especially interested in environmentalism, media technologies, media arts and political aesthetics. He has worked in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA and has ongoing research collaborations and honorary appointments at the Universities of Melbourne and Oslo.

Sean is on the editorial boards of a number of journals and is a series editor for Leonardo Books at MIT Press. His most recent books are Finite Media: Environmental Implications of Digital Media and The Practice of Light: A Genealogy of Visual Technology from Prints to Pixels. He is also half of the thriller-writing team Lambert Nagle.


Sean teaches the undergraduate and postgraduate module Politics of the Audio Visual and the MA Media and Communications core module, Intro to Media and Communications, with co-convenor Professor Angela McRobbie.

Areas of supervision

Sean is interested in the broad range of aesthetics and politics of the media. He has supervised 24 PhDs to completion and examined over 40, among them a number including research by practice.

Current MPhil/PhD students:

  • Ozden Sahin - Political Violence in Video and Digital Media Art from the Mediterranean Region 2000-2015 (under examination)
  • Zaher Omareen - The Syrian Model: Mobile Phone Films (includes research by practice) (under examination)
  • Sandra Kazlauskaite - An Investigation Into The Embodiment of Sound in Contemporary Film and Video Installation Art Spaces (includes research by practice)
  • Roberto Mozzachiodi - Henri Lefebvre
  • Nikolaus Perneczky - Post-Independence West African Cinema: A Cinema of Development
  • James Williamson - Mythologies of the Future and Visions of an Atomic Apocalypse: Science Fiction Film and Structural Approaches to Myth in the Early Cold War Era
  • Katie Hindle - Consumption and production of digital photographic fashion imagery
  • Timo Pape - Dynamic forms and rhythmic encounters in the neighbourhoods of the Roman Periphery (includes research by practice)
  • Sam Nightingale - Spectral Materialism: a speculative encounter between time, technology and the materiality of site (includes research by practice)

Research Interests

Sean is currently completing a book on eco-critical close readings of media texts, and the challenges posed by the advent of mass databases of images and video. His next project will be on aesthetic politics, involving studies of realism, data visualisation, glitches and abstraction as means to express various kinds of truth. This project will include further work on the good and the beautiful.



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