A-Z of programmes


A-Z listing of our degree programmes and courses

International Foundation Certificate in Computing

This one-year programme gives you the opportunity to develop your English language, become familiar with UK academic culture, and prepare to study for a BSc degree in Computer Science, or Creative Computing.

International Foundation Certificate in Music

This one-year programme gives you the opportunity to develop your English language, become familiar with UK academic culture, and prepare to study for a BMus in Music or Popular Music.

Graduate Diploma in Creative & Cultural Industries

This Pre-Masters programme is aimed at postgraduate students who are considering undertaking an MA in subjects related to the cultural and creative industries, but need a year to develop or consolidate their language skills in academic English.

Graduate Diploma in Design

This Pre-Masters programme is aimed at postgraduate students who need a year to develop or consolidate their language skills in academic English and to undertake preliminary study in the area of design they would like to study at MA level.

Graduate Diploma in Media, Culture & Social Sciences

This Diploma is a Pre-Masters programme aimed at postgraduate students who are looking to develop or consolidate their language skills in academic English and study some background theory in these subject areas.

Graduate Diploma in Music

This Diploma is a Pre-Masters programme aimed at postgraduate students who need a year to develop or consolidate their language skills in academic English, to develop additional music skills (theoretical or practical).

Graduate Diploma in Art

This Pre-Masters programme is aimed at students who are considering undertaking an MA/MFA in Art, but need a year to develop their artistic practice, as well as their critical and academic English language skills.

BA (Hons) Anthropology

Investigate the world of anthropology from a new angle. The BA Anthropology programme offers a challenging and contemporary syllabus, exploring key anthropological debates, and using them to help you understand contemporary societal and cultural issues.

BA (Hons) Anthropology & Media

The BA Anthropology & Media programme combines anthropological and communications theories to provide you with a better understanding of cultural diversity, and a critical knowledge of communication processes.

BA (Hons) Anthropology & Sociology

Anthropology and sociology deal with human behaviours in their social context. This degree gives you a comprehensive grounding in these converging subjects, so you'll develop an understanding of their shared traditions and differences in perspective.

BA (Hons) Anthropology & Visual Practice

Develop your digital production skills, and combine them with key anthropological concepts. The BA Anthropology & Visual Practice programme helps develop your understanding of contemporary cultural issues, as well as your practical skills in both research methods and visual practice.

BA (Hons) Arts Management

This programme will equip you for working life in the arts and cultural industries, with a specific focus on working in and managing the arts.

BA (Hons) Criminology

Explore the nature and social impact of crime and investigate the subject from a critical and sociological perspective. You'll graduate with the skills and experience suitable for a wide range of careers in the policy, legal, criminal justice, academic and civil sectors. You could find a job as a youth worker, counsellor, police or probation officer – or pursue a career in human rights, counter-terrorism or the intelligence services.

BA (Hons) Curating

Do you want to advance your knowledge of contemporary art and pursue a professional career in the field of curatorial practice?

BA (Hons) Design

Design isn’t just a way of making and doing; it’s a way of understanding and engaging with the world.

BA (Hons) Drama & Theatre Arts

This degree reflects the diversity and excitement of the subject in the new millennium, and gives you the opportunity to study the theory and practice of theatre and performance in a range of media.

BA (Hons) Drama: Musical Theatre

This degree will help you become a resourceful and well-informed performer, theatre-maker, administrator or teacher in the musical theatre industry.

BA (Hons) Economics

Study economics for a constantly changing world. This degree offers you formal and rigorous training in economic theory and real world application, and allows you to specialise in a key area of the modern economy.

BA (Hons) Economics with Marketing

Economists study how markets function. Marketing is about how to operate in markets. The Goldsmiths BA Economics with Marketing will help you develop crucial skills in both disciplines.

BA (Hons) Education, Culture & Society

This degree will develop your knowledge of the education system in the UK and beyond. You'll enter into key debates about policy issues with a focus on social justice and equality, and get to understand education from a multidisciplinary perspective.

BA (Hons) English

Our English degree gives you the opportunity to develop the critical and verbal skills needed for confident, effective reading of literary texts and criticism.

BA (Hons) English with Creative Writing

Combine the study of literature with the practice of creative writing. You’ll graduate with the ability to be informed and curious about literature, and with the imagination to turn that curiosity into creativity.

BA (Hons) Fine Art

This degree aims to equip you with creative, interpretive, critical and analytical skills, so that you can participate in and contribute to the expanding field of contemporary art.

BA (Hons) Fine Art & History of Art

This distinctive degree supports your individual concerns and development and enables you to navigate your way through theory and practice, various fine art media, and thematic strands within the study of art history and visual cultures.

BA (Hons) Fine Art (Extension Degree)

The Extension Degree (Year 0) has been designed specifically for students from countries outside the European Union. Our aim is to enable you to work independently as an artist, and to generate and develop your own ideas.

BA (Hons) History

History is a relevant, dynamic, fascinating, and important field of study which, at Goldsmiths, is approached in creative, innovative, and exciting ways.

BA (Hons) History of Art

This degree encourages you to develop an independent critical involvement with works of art and visual culture, to examine changing historical conceptions of art and the artist, and to explore the visual arts in their wider cultural and political contexts.

BA (Hons) History with Anthropology

This programme offers an exciting and complementary combination of two humanities disciplines which promote the understanding of human life, culture, and society in the past and present.

BA (Hons) History with Global History

This programme is an exciting opportunity to focus on global issues within the framework of a History degree, crossing continents and chronologies.

BA (Hons) History with Military History

This programme engages with the newest military history research, addressing conflict, communities and identities to take military history beyond ’great men, great horses, great battles’.

BA (Hons) History with Politics

This programme is an innovative and interdisciplinary exploration into how social, cultural, and political institutions, decisions, and events have shaped societies and nations around the world.

BA (Hons) History with Public History

The past physically surrounds us: in landscapes, in places, people, museums, buildings and in the streets. People’s innate curiosity about the past is driving an expansion of the history and heritage industries.

BA (Hons) International Relations

If you want to understand the impact of the Arab Spring or the ideology of ISIS, how US foreign policy is shaped by domestic politics, how international trade affects various parts of the world, how different cultures shape political decision making, or how international NGOs operate, this is the degree for you.

BA (Hons) International Relations & Chinese

China has been at the forefront of a global economic power shift in the aftermath of the global economic crisis in 2008. This undergraduate degree gives you the chance to study international relations with a year abroad in China at Capital Normal University in Beijing.

BA (Hons) Journalism

The world of news and journalism is changing at an unprecedented rate. This programme offers an individual and innovative blend of contemporary multimedia journalism that ensures you will be prepared for the future of a rapidly developing news industry.

BA (Hons) Media & Communications

Bringing together media practice and communications theory, this degree covers a broad spectrum of critical perspectives on the media, and will introduce you to a range of contemporary media practices.

BA (Hons) Media & English

This degree allows you to explore critical perspectives in literature and media alongside each other while developing your skills in creative writing (script and short story) and editing.

BA (Hons) Media & Sociology

This interdisciplinary degree gives you the opportunity to explore sociological and communications theories alongside media practice, and to develop a critical analysis of media, communications and culture from historical and contemporary viewpoints.

BA (Hons) Politics

The study of politics entails more than the study of government. This programme is concerned with the way in which we understand and communicate about the problems and conflicts we face, and the formal exercise of power.

BA (Hons) Politics & International Relations

This degree provides a grounding in some of the major aspects of politics and international relations. You'll learn about international systems and global governance political theory, UK, European and US politics, international political economy and undertake area-based studies of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

BA (Hons) Politics, Philosophy & Economics

This challenging and ground-breaking degree introduces you to core ideas and issues in politics, philosophy and economics (PPE). It will help you understand how the economy is governed, how public policy gets made, and the ideas which shape our world.

BA (Hons) Promotional Media

Examine the rise of the promotional industries, and their relationship with media, both in the past and in contemporary society.

BA (Hons) Psychosocial Studies

A multidisciplinary degree that's ideal if you're interested in counselling and psychotherapy practices but also want to study the social and cultural contexts of their production.

BA (Hons) Social and Community Work

This programme is underpinned by a commitment to social justice and equalities, and allows you to combine the academic study of the social sciences, with the opportunity to apply your newfound skills and knowledge in the real world.

BA (Hons) Social Work

Drawing on current research across the social sciences, government guidance, and legislative frameworks, this degree focuses on the issues that are key in facilitating your professional and academic development as a social worker.

BA (Hons) Sociology

Sociology is a craft and a vocation, and engaging with it can be life-changing. Once you’ve acquired a sociological imagination, the world is never quite the same.

BA (Hons) Sociology & Chinese

This degree provides intensive Mandarin language tuition, one year at a top Chinese university in Beijing, and analytical sociological skills for you to understand and actively engage in a global world in which China is a major superpower.

BA (Hons) Sociology & Politics

This degree gives you a thorough grounding in sociology and politics, in methods of social and political research, and in interdisciplinary approaches to political analysis.

BA (Hons) Sociology with Criminology

Explore how societies are organised, and how people are united and divided. Within the context of modern forms of power, examine the nature of crime and criminality from a critical, sociological perspective.

BMus (Hons) Music

This degree reflects the diversity and excitement of music in the 21st century, taking in everything from classical music to contemporary jazz and electronic practices, and gives you the opportunity to mix performance, composition and research.

BMus (Hons) Popular Music

This ground-breaking degree embraces popular music in its many forms from the mainstream to the underground and puts exploration and experimentation in creative practice at the heart of the degree.

BSc (Hons) Computer Science

Develop an in-depth understanding of the key conceptual and technological issues involved in building software systems.

BSc (Hons) Computing

Study computing systems and the human/social aspects of computing. Learn how to build and deploy computing systems in contexts ranging from homes and offices to hospitals and supermarkets.

BSc (Hons) Creative Computing

Whether you’re interested in games, electronic music, digital art or creative technology, this programme will prepare you for technology-focussed work, and coding in the creative industries.

BSc (Hons) Digital Arts Computing

In Digital Arts Computing you will develop artistic work in conversation with critical studies. Through a series of projects for public exhibition you will explore the materialities of creative computing. This degree will prepare you to transform and lead the field of digital art.

BSc (Hons) Economics with Econometrics

Study economics for a constantly changing world. This degree allows you to specialise in economic statistics, while also exploring key areas of modern economy and society.

BSc (Hons) Games Programming

Whether you’re interested in indie games or AAA console game development, this course prepares you for a creative career in the games industry.

BSc (Hons) Management with Economics

The BSc (Hons) Management with Economics places an emphasis on the wider social, historical and political context in which organisations operate, and how it shapes the circulation, and demand/supply, of goods and services.

BSc (Hons) Management with Entrepreneurship

The BSc (Hons) Management with Entrepreneurship places an emphasis on how organisations are conceived, sustained through opportunity seeking and resource acquisition, grow and stay creative and innovative.

BSc (Hons) Management with Marketing

The BSc (Hons) Management with Marketing places an emphasis on how organisations communicate with their customers and the strategies and tools they use.

BSc (Hons) Marketing

Study BSc in Marketing at Goldsmiths for a programme that combines multiple disciplines such as Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, and Management. You will be at the core of a new natural development, making this a special programme for anyone who wants to explore interdisciplinary links.

BSc (Hons) Psychology

This degree offers a scientific approach to the study of human behaviour, giving a broad understanding of psychological theory and research. It will develop your understanding of the processes influencing how people think, feel, behave, and interact.

BSc (Hons) Psychology with Clinical Psychology

This degree offers a scientific approach to the study of human behaviour, with an emphasis on clinically relevant skills, knowledge and experience giving a broad understanding of psychological theory and research.

BSc (Hons) Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience

This degree offers a scientific approach to the study of human behaviour, with an emphasis on neuroscience explanations of human behaviour and neuroscience methods. It will develop your understanding of the processes that influence people.

BSc (Hons) Psychology with Forensic Psychology

This degree offers a scientific approach to the study of psychology and behaviour. You will be introduced to psychological theories, methods and processes relating to the legal, criminal and civil justice systems.

BSc Computer Science (University of London transfer)

Studying at Goldsmiths gives you the opportunity to live in London with a vibrant mix of people whilst developing your technical skills in Computing and immersing yourself in a new culture. Students on campus have access to our outstanding dedicated labs and facilities and the support of the Department of Computing Student Office and technical team.

Foundation Year in Computing

Our Foundation Year in Computing is an alternative entry route for students without the formal academic profile to enter into degree level study. We will help you develop your undergraduate academic skills, whilst also teaching you foundations of programming, problem solving and maths.

LLB (Hons) Law

This is a qualifying law degree - your first step towards becoming a solicitor or barrister in England and Wales. You’ll gain all the skills you need to progress to the next stages.

LLB (Hons) Law with Criminal Justice & Human Rights

The Criminal Justice and Human Rights pathway leads to an LLB Law (Hons) with Criminal Justice and Human Rights. This programme gives you the opportunity to obtain specialist knowledge and deepen your understanding of criminal justice and human rights, and their challenging interactions.

LLB (Hons) Law with Politics & Human Rights

Law is ‘part of a larger system of public decision-making. The rest is politics: the politics of ministers and legislators, of political parties, of media and pressure groups, and of the wider electorate’ (Jonathan Sumption, Trials of the State: Law and the Decline of Politics, 2019).

MPhil/PhD Translation

We offer MPhil and PhD research programmes in English (including American Literature and literary theory), World Literature, Comparative Literature, Linguistics, Translation, and Creative Writing, for full or part-time study.

MPhil/PhD Translation (by Practice)

The MPhil/PhD Translation by Practice offers a new approach to studying Translation, incorporating a creative practical project. This can include translating a book or play, subtitling a film, or translating song lyrics or poetry.

MA Art & Ecology

The MA Art & Ecology is a fifteen-month studio-based post-graduate programme for emerging artists who want to engage in meaningful and transformative ways with the most pressing ecological questions of our time.

MPhil/PhD Law

Goldsmiths Law PhD candidates are given outstanding opportunities to explore modern legal phenomena in their rapidly changing socio-political, cultural, and economic context.

MA Ecology, Culture & Society

Runaway climate change, mass extinctions, radical ecological transformations. We are living through profoundly unsettling times, and face equally uncertain futures. The MA Ecology, Culture, & Society offers the opportunity to engage with the urgency of contemporary socio-ecological challenges and to imaginatively explore ways of inhabiting the Earth otherwise.

Graduate Diploma in Contemporary Art History

The Graduate Diploma in Contemporary Art History is for graduates of other disciplines with an interest in contemporary art and ideas, and who wish to carry out research at higher levels in the fields of visual cultures.

MA Anthropology & Cultural Politics

The MA Anthropology and Cultural Politics is an exciting interdisciplinary programme in anthropology, directed at students from a wide range of disciplines in the humanities and social and political sciences.

MA Anthropology & Museum Practice

Fusing Goldsmiths' academic excellence and professional training from the Horniman Museum, the MA in Anthropology & Museum Practice provides you with a uniquely comprehensive set of skills.

MA Applied Anthropology and Community & Youth Work

Professionally validated by the National Youth Agency, this programme brings together community development and youth work practice with the research methods and theoretical preoccupations of anthropology.

MA Applied Anthropology & Community Arts

Taught jointly by the Departments of Anthropology and Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies, this MA offers a stimulating synthesis of theory and practice. In short, it is at the heart of what Goldsmiths is all about.

MA Applied Anthropology & Community Development

This is a pathway of the MA Applied Anthropology & Community and Youth Work, aimed both at international applicants who may not need a British National Youth Agency qualification and those who want to become specialists in community development.

MA Art & Politics

Working from a materially diverse basis, this programme engages with a range of empirical, aesthetic, conceptual and material issues that traverse and exceed both 'art' and ‘politics’ to speak with our current contemporaneity.

MA Art Psychotherapy

This programme will provide you with a broad understanding of the theories and practices of art psychotherapy necessary for safe and effective clinical work.

MA Artists’ Film & Moving Image

This twelve-month, intensively taught practice-based Masters is aimed at artists and graduates working within the field of artists’ film and moving image who wish to develop their practice and professional networks with the support of Goldsmiths' Art Department and its uniquely high concentration of accomplished artist filmmakers.

MA Arts & Learning

This programme gives artists, practitioners, and teachers the opportunity to enrich and consolidate theories of contemporary art and learning. Engage with practice and theory, develop innovative research approaches, and critically debate the changing nature of contemporary art.

MA Arts Administration & Cultural Policy: Music Pathway

This programme builds on London's position as one of the most important musical centres in the world, with a diverse range of concert halls, theatres, cultural institutions and arts events that reflect its cosmopolitan and multicultural society.

MA Black British History

The MA in Black British History is an exciting opportunity to study and research the histories of Africans and African-descended peoples in the United Kingdom.

MA Black British Literature

Launched in 2015 through the joint vision of Prof. Joan Anim-Addo and Dr Deirdre Osborne, this ground-breaking MA is timely and necessary. We take black British literature seriously as a discipline.

MA Brands, Communication & Culture

This unique programme introduces you to the variety of ways in which brands are developed and used, and helps you to understand how the growth of branding – in business, but also in politics, government, sport and culture – has changed the societies we live in.

MA Children's Literature

The academic study of children’s literature has developed over the past 30 years, and is now a recognised multidisciplinary field of enquiry. This programme will enable you to explore the relationship between reader, writer, text and context, and consider the critical perspectives that underpin those interactions.

MA Computational Arts

Study a degree which develops your arts practice through the expressive world of creative computation. It provides you with the historical foundations, frameworks and critical skills to produce a series of projects for public exhibition. It is delivered by Computing.

MA Computer Games Art & Design

This MA responds to the pressing need for a high quality postgraduate degree serving the computer games and entertainment industries. The emphasis is on games design, art and animation, and will also develop the fundamentals of computer programming, entrepreneurship/business, and your own practice. You'll also be able to work with industry partners.

MA Contemporary Art Theory

The MA Contemporary Art Theory is for those with a special interest in contemporary art, and an aptitude for theoretical work in the subject.

MA Counselling

This programme is ideal if you wish to qualify and pursue a career as a professional counsellor. It's designed to enable you to develop as a reflective counselling practitioner.

MA Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship

The MA Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship should be attractive if you either wish to develop a business arising from an existing creative practice or to understand how to create the infrastructure and environment for new creative businesses.

MA Creative & Life Writing

Have you got a story to tell? Or poems that you want to shape into a collection? This degree will help you develop your creative writing practice. You’ll experiment with a wide variety of forms to help you discover your preferred mode of writing.

MA Creative Writing & Education

You might be a teacher who writes; a writer who works in education; a poet, a novelist or a short story writer. Whatever your background, this course will teach you more about the connections between creative writing and education.

MA Cultural Policy, Relations & Diplomacy

The MA Cultural Policy, Relations and Diplomacy is a trans-disciplinary programme that addresses the theory and practice of cultural policy, cultural relations, and cultural and public diplomacy.

MA Cultural Studies

The MA Cultural Studies offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of contemporary culture, politics and society.

MA Culture Industry

‘Culture is a paradoxical commodity. So completely is it subject to the law of exchange that it is no longer exchanged; it is so blindly consumed in use that it can no longer be used. [...] The whole world is made to pass through the filter of the culture industry.’ –Theodor W. Adorno and Max Horkheimer, ‘The Culture Industry’, 1947

MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy

This programme provides you with a broad understanding of the theories and practices of dance movement therapy necessary for safe and effective clinical work, and enables you to practise as a dance movement therapist.

MA Design: Expanded Practice

This course is a radical post-disciplinary programme for practitioners who want to push the boundaries of what design can be and do. During this MA we work with you to transform your practice as a critical and social undertaking.

MA Digital Media

The MA Digital Media is unique in its combination of practical and theoretical approaches to contemporary media and technology.

MA Dramaturgy & Writing for Performance

A unique programme for dramaturges and playwrights, this programme concentrates on the process of writing for live performance, together with an ongoing evaluation of the work in process.

MA Education: Culture, Language & Identity

This programme will enhance your understanding of educational theory and practice by focusing on issues of culture, language and identity, and is taught by internationally-renowned experts.

MA Events & Experience Management

Events managers of the future need to be versatile and confident, managing a wide array of events in innovative ways. This degree equips you to take your place in the events industry, leading the way in events and experience management for the fast-paced creative and cultural industries.

MA Film & Screen Studies

Address the image world, find out how images create meaning, and discover what you can do with what you see on this eclectic MA programme

MA Filmmaking

If you want to be a filmmaker this is the place to learn, gain experience and make films you will be proud to have on your show reel.

MA Filmmaking (Cinematography)

If you are passionate about pursuing a career as a cinematographer in an environment that promotes innovative filmmaking, this programme is for you. With its unique blend of hands-on workshops, studio and location filming exercises, and high production value collaborative film projects, the MA Filmmaking (Cinematography) elevates your skills as a moving-image storyteller to the level of Director of Photography.

MA Filmmaking (Directing Fiction)

The MA Filmmaking (Directing Fiction) is the premier place to develop your skills as a director, working on a range of projects from personal ‘essay’ films to large-scale shoots with professional actors and feature crew. 

MA Filmmaking (Editing)

This MA will enhance your narrative skills as an editor of fiction for film and television.

MA Filmmaking (Producing)

The MA Filmmaking (Producing) will provide you with a thorough training in all aspects of producing – from the conception of an initial idea through to development, financing, production and release.

MA Filmmaking (Screen Documentary)

This MA will develop your skills and creative vision in documentary production. It enhances your understanding of the historical context and contemporary modes of documentary production against a backdrop of the wider issues in media production.

MA Gender, Media & Culture

This MA introduces you to recent debates on gender in the disciplines of sociology and media and communications studies, and to the interdisciplinary domains of feminist social and cultural theory.

MA Global Media and Politics

This MA looks at contemporary changes in media and communications, by putting into perspective the transformations that affect the way people live and work, national and international institutions evolve, and how cultural practices develop.

MA Global Political Economy

See the story behind what's right in front of you. The MA Global Political Economy examines the world in real terms. You will work in small groups with world class experts at the Political Economy Research Centre (PERC), as well as across a number of other Goldsmiths departments, and learn how to hold the world up to scrutiny.

MA History

The MA History is innovative, creative, free-thinking, stimulating, diverse and challenging – everything that is distinctive about history at Goldsmiths.

MA Human Rights, Culture & Social Justice

This MA examines contemporary issues concerning justice. You will learn how to conceptualise and study the possibilities of human rights, going beyond legal formulations to look at the conditions in which human rights claims are made.

MA International Relations

The MA International Relations deals with the most pressing global challenges of the 21st century from a critical perspective.

MA Journalism

Accredited with distinction by the Professional Publishers Association, this practical MA gives you the essential skills to work as a journalist for multiple audiences across myriad platforms.

MA-level Education CPD Modules

Our MA-level modules will enable you to develop your understanding and critical awareness of educational theory and practice, as well as your self-reflection and research skills.

MA Literary Studies

This exciting, intellectually rigorous programme gives you the opportunity to develop the study of literature from a variety of perspectives through a number of flexible pathways.

MA Literary Studies: Pathway in Literature of the Caribbean & its Diasporas

This pathway of our MA Literary Studies degree aims to introduce you to a wide range of texts and issues in the literature of the Caribbean and the Caribbean diaspora to highlight significant movements relative to the social, political and historical contexts impacting upon these new literatures.

MA Literary Studies: Pathway in Shakespeare: Early & Modern

This pathway of the MA Literary Studies is ideal if you’re keen to study Shakespeare at an advanced level. Centred on Shakespeare and early modern literature and culture, you’ll also explore the reception and performance of Shakespeare in later times.

MA Luxury Brand Management

The MA Luxury Brand Management equips you with the management, entrepreneurial, marketing and professional skills to work in the luxury goods and experiential luxury industry.

MA Media & Communications

For over 25 years this MA has been actively interrogating the way the mediated world works. Discover the many roles of media and communications in your life and identity, across institutions and organisations and into wider cultures and societies through this pioneering programme.

MA Migration & Mobility

Migration and mobility are fundamental forces shaping both political and economic debates and people’s social and intimate lives.

MA Multilingualism, Linguistics & Education

The MA Multilingualism, Linguistics and Education is an applied linguistics programme with an emphasis on both linguistic and cultural diversity, which provides a solid understanding of key theoretical and practical issues in multilingual and intercultural educational settings.

MA Music

The MA Music advances your exploration of today’s music in all its complexity. From a range of stimulating pathways, you choose one that best suits your interests. Modules are shared across pathways, and are rooted in academic and practice-based research.  

MA Music (Audiovisual Cultures)

The MA Music (Audiovisual Cultures) offers you a unique opportunity to engage with cutting-edge interdisciplinary research on music and the moving image.

MA Music (Contemporary Music Studies)

The MA Music (Contemporary Music Studies) examines aspects of methodology, repertoire studies and cultural theory within a wide-ranging programme of investigation into the role of contemporary music in the society for which it is created.

MA Music (Ethnomusicology)

The MA Music (Ethnomusicology) introduces a range of methodologies in relation to the study of music in its cultural contexts.

MA Music (General)

This MA allows you to build an individual, 'tailor-made' programme of study, which incorporates the intellectual concerns, skills and understandings that lead to a clearly focused research dissertation. 

MA Music (Musicology)

The Musicology pathway in the MA Music programme qualifies graduates to embark upon their own research. While honing specialist skills, this pathway teaches students bold approaches to music as a practice and an academic discipline.

MA Music (Popular Music Research)

The MA Music (Popular Music Research) engages with scholarly debates and public controversies around popular music, while examining and developing both traditional and innovative ways of researching popular music.

MA Musical Theatre

This unique Masters will enhance your critical understanding of musical theatre as a popular entertainment genre.

MA Performance Making

This unique international laboratory programme brings diverse individuals into collaborative research, acknowledging the challenges of creating original, performer-driven theatre in today's complex, globalised culture.

MA Photography: The Image & Electronic Arts

This MA gives practitioners and theorists the opportunity to research and develop the new boundaries of image-making made possible by technological change within the context of post-industrial culture.

MA Political Communications

Interrogate the status quo with leading academics who don’t just talk and write about politics, but actively campaign to create change in the world

MA Politics, Development and the Global South

How can (and should) we talk about the challenges and possibilities for development in the 21st century? This degree examines how 21st century ‘development’ has become a site of struggle, one where new forms of politics and theory have emerged.

MA Postcolonial Culture & Global Policy

Conceived in the context of world-systemic transformation, this MA will give you the analytical tools to understand contemporary developments and world(s) through an encounter with post-colonial theory and international political economic issues.

MA Queer History

The MA Queer History is a pioneering programme in one of the most exciting areas of historical enquiry, giving a voice to those who throughout much of history have been denied one.

MA Race, Media & Social Justice

How we live with difference is the key issue of our time. Issues relating to race and ethnicity, whether immigration, Islamophobia, #blacklivesmatter, or media diversity, are at the forefront of public debate. The MA Race, Media and Social Justice will equip you with critical and theoretical tools to unpack and deepen your understanding of contemporary debates on race, ethnicity and racism.

MA Radio

Navigate new adventures on this long-standing MA radio practice and audio production programme. Bring your existing knowledge and experience to analyse radio from a theoretical and practical perspective.

MA Research Architecture

The MA Research Architecture is for graduates from a range of disciplines who want to examine how architecture can engage with questions of contemporary culture, politics, media, ecology and justice and question whether spatial practice can become a form of research.

MA Script Writing

The skills of storytelling are timeless. Tackle the creative, analytical and professional sides of script writing for film, television and radio on this industry-accredited MA.

MA Social Anthropology

Are you interested in a career in anthropology, but haven’t studied the subject before? Have you studied anthropology in the past, but need to consolidate this experience before moving into anthropological research?

MA Social Entrepreneurship

There is a growth in the number of entrepreneurs starting businesses with social and environmental purposes. This exciting MA will enable you to develop a critical understanding of and practical insights into modes of social enterprise.

MA Social Work

This Masters programme is ideal for graduates with relevant experience interested in pursuing a professional career in social work. You will receive an approved qualification, enabling you to register with Social Work England and work as a qualified professional social worker on completion of the programme.

MA Sociocultural Linguistics

This programme looks at language from a sociocultural perspective. It's designed for anyone with an interest in the relationship between language, culture and society but also provides a solid understanding of English language and linguistics.

MA Sociology

How can sociology engage with the most significant challenges facing societies today and the patterns and dynamics of contemporary social life? Through an introduction to the sociological imagination and sociology as a craft and vocation, you will study core themes of sociology at an advanced level to develop your capacity to think critically and sociologically.

MA Sociology (Cultural Analysis)

This degree brings together the rich work within critical and cultural theory, continental philosophy, cultural studies, and contemporary feminist and postcolonial scholarship.

MA Sociology (Visual Sociology)

This MA is designed for students interested in new ways of exploring and understanding the social world through the use of visual, sensory, and other experimental approaches. You’ll study sociological issues alongside innovative methods and gain the tools needed to examine, represent and intervene in the social world.

MA Television Journalism

This is a highly practical, intensive programme covering everything you need to know to get started in television journalism.

MA Tourism & Cultural Policy

This is a trans-disciplinary Masters that builds expertise in understanding the role played by the cultural sector (arts, theatres, heritage etc) in developing and managing tourism and hospitality as major engines of growth, regeneration and job creation in the 21st century.

MA Translation

This programme responds to the increasing need in a globalised, interconnected world, for highly-qualified translators who can navigate different genres of text and negotiate the language needs of diverse audiences and industries.

MA Visual Anthropology

The MA Visual Anthropology offers a unique combination of anthropological theory and visual practice. It provides you with a strong foundation for producing visual work informed by anthropology.

MA World Theatres

This programme is one of the few taught Masters programmes of its kind in the world. Covering historical and philosophical bases of theatre and performance practices from different parts of the world, this degree investigates indigenous and contemporary performance and theatre traditions from a variety of cultural contexts.

MA/MSc Digital Journalism

With an industry-informed curriculum, this future-focused MA combines computing and media and communications to reflect digital journalism at its most current.

MFA Computational Arts

Study a degree which develops your arts practice through the expressive world of creative computation. The Masters provides you with the historical foundations, frameworks and critical skills to produce a series of projects for public exhibition.

MFA Curating

The programme is designed for students who wish to take up the challenge of contemporary curating as an artistic, social and critical undertaking, and who wish to develop their professional practice in this area.

MFA Fine Art

This MFA, described as one of the most influential MFA programmes in the world, subjects art-making to critical scrutiny. Artists on the programme strengthen the motivation, self-reflection and ambition of their practice and its leading ideas.

MMus Composition

The MMus Composition fosters your ability to compose and notate music, and to develop your own personal musical language. 

MMus Creative Practice

This flexible Masters is an opportunity to investigate and combine strategies for developing creative work – an inclusive and forward-thinking composition degree that acknowledges many different definitions of the term.

MMus Music

The MMus degree advances your exploration of today’s creative music practice in all its complexity. From a range of stimulating pathways, you choose one that best suits your interests. Modules are shared across pathways, and are rooted in academic and practice-based research. 

MMus Performance & Related Studies

This Masters develops your technical and interpretive abilities as a performer, informed by an understanding of style, genre, context and interpretation, as well as historical and theoretical issues relevant to your specialist repertoire.

MMus Popular Music

This MMus builds on our international reputation in the popular music field, as seen in the success of our BMus graduates.

MMus Sonic Arts

The MMus Sonic Arts is an opportunity to explore a wide range of creative approaches to studio-based music, including fixed-media composition, improvisation systems, sound art installation and composition for video/film.

MPhil/PhD Advanced Practices

This graduate programme is geared towards advancing the grounds for different forms of practice, from artistic to infrastructural. While practice manifests differently, it always entails research and always contributes to knowledge.

MPhil/PhD Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology offers supervision in a wide range of areas for research degrees.

MPhil/PhD Art

We support innovative art research in Fine Art, Curating, Art Writing and across disciplines.

MPhil/PhD Art Practice & Learning

What kind of learning emerges from and with art practice, and how does such learning further impact upon arts practice? This reflexive question lies at the heart of the MPhil/PhD Art Practice & Learning.

MPhil/PhD Arts & Computational Technology

This is the only programme in the University of London in which students can include creative work and an arts-based context of their practice within the distinctive field of arts and creative technologies.

MPhil/PhD Computer Science

Our MPhil/PhD programme in computer science offers you the opportunity to participate fully in the highly interdisciplinary research environment of our department and of the College as a whole.

MPhil/PhD Counselling & Psychotherapy

This course is offered on both a full- and part-time basis. Your research may be clinically and/or theoretically focused in the fields of psychoanalysis, analytical psychology and psychodynamic counselling.

MPhil/PhD Creative Writing

The inter-relationship between theory, scholarship and the creative process is key to the Goldsmiths MPhil/PhD Creative Writing.

MPhil/PhD Cultural Studies

On this programme we interrupt theory with practice, and practice with theory – we aim to engage you, intellectually and critically, and with enthusiasm, in a cultural studies project that questions everything.

MPhil/PhD Design

We welcome enquiries from anyone who would like to carry out research in any aspect of design or in technology in education.

MPhil/PhD Drama

The Department of Theatre and Performance's research embraces a range of global theory and practice in theatre and performance including play-texts, physical practices and critical/cultural theory on which students can draw in their research.

MPhil/PhD Education

We are committed to developing our postgraduate students into competent educational researchers able to conduct rigorous research using a variety of methodological approaches. We welcome inquiries about possible research topics both theoretical and empirical.

MPhil/PhD History

The distinctive emphasis of Goldsmiths' Department of History is a theorised, interdisciplinary and comparative approach to research.

MPhil/PhD Management

The Institute of Management Studies (IMS) will equip you with a sound understanding of the methods and skills necessary to conduct high-level research, using a wide range of approaches and techniques.

MPhil/PhD Media & Communications

We welcome proposals for research in any area connected with media, communications, digital media, cultural theory and practice.

MPhil/PhD Music

Goldsmiths’ Department of Music has a lively and varied research base, large postgraduate community, active performing tradition, and offers proximity to London’s resources.

MPhil/PhD Politics

We accept students into the Department of Politics and International Relations on the basis of a match between your proposed research and the current research interests of a potential supervisor as well as an assessment of qualifications and suitability for a research degree.

MPhil/PhD Psychology

We're committed to developing our postgraduates into skilled researchers who can conduct rigorous research using a variety of methods and analytic techniques.

MPhil/PhD Psychology (IMS)

The Institute of Management Studies (IMS) will equip you with a sound understanding of the methods and skills necessary to conduct high-level research, using a wide range of approaches and techniques.

MPhil/PhD Religious Studies

Goldsmiths is an exciting space for postgraduates, with numerous international speakers passing through, a huge range of interdisciplinary seminars and reading groups and a very open and warm environment for the exchange of ideas.

MPhil/PhD Research Architecture

This MPhil/PhD programme is aimed at practitioners of architecture and other related spatial practices who would like to develop a sustained multi-year practice-led research project.

MPhil/PhD Social Work

Social work education at Goldsmiths has a long and distinguished record. We welcome enquiries from appropriately qualified applicants with research interests that align with those of our staff.

MPhil/PhD Sociology

We offer MPhil and PhD research programmes in Sociology for full or part-time study.

MPhil/PhD Visual Culture

We welcome applicants wishing to explore visual culture understood as a meeting ground between creative practices, the philosophical and the political.

MRes Advanced Practices

The MRes in Advanced Practices responds to the growing importance of research within contemporary cultural production.

MRes Anthropology

This programme offers advanced-level training to students who normally already have an undergraduate or MA degree in Anthropology.

MRes English

This MRes prepares you for more advanced research projects at MPhil/PhD level, but is also a degree in its own right. It's ideal if you're considering a 'taster' year of research, or if you're keen to complete shorter term research at graduate level. 

MRes History

The MRes provides excellent preparation for study at MPhil/PhD level for students with a defined research topic, but is also a degree in its own right.

MRes Research Methods in Psychology

This programme trains you in the fundamental aspects of quantitative and qualitative research, including research design, data collection and data analysis, and provides practical, ‘hands-on’ experience.

MRes Visual Anthropology

The MRes Visual Anthropology offers advanced-level training to students who normally already have an undergraduate or MA degree in Anthropology. 

MRes Visual Cultures

The MRes Visual Cultures is ideal if you have already completed an advanced course of study in art history and theory but would like to further develop your thought and research projects before studying at MPhil/PhD level.

MSc Cognitive & Clinical Neuroscience

This exciting MSc reflects the broad-ranging and strong neuroscience research profile of our Department, equipping you with a rigorous grounding in the theory and applications of cognitive, clinical, and developmental neuroscience.

MSc Computational Cognitive Neuroscience

Understanding the relationship between brain, cognition and behaviour is one of the biggest challenges the scientific community is currently working on. Computational cognitive neuroscience is a young and exciting discipline that tackles these long-standing research questions by integrating computer modelling with experimental research.

MSc Computer Games Programming

This industry facing course has been developed to address the needs of the computer games sector, a continuously growing worldwide market, now larger than the film and music sectors combined.

MSc Consumer Behaviour

The MSc Consumer Behaviour equips you with a comprehensive grounding in approaches to understanding consumer preferences, judgements, decision-making and behaviour.

MSc Data Science

The MSc Data Science will provide you with the technical and practical skills to analyse the big data that is the key to success in future business, digital media and science.

MSc Forensic Psychology

This MSc provides the academic training required for a career as a forensic psychologist.

MSc Foundations in Clinical Psychology & Health Services

This innovative MSc programme aims to provide students with a strong knowledge and experience base for progressing to health service careers, particularly those looking to become clinical psychologists and clinical psychology researchers.

MSc Management of Innovation

This MSc will equip you with the fundamental knowledge and skills required for managing innovative product and brand or policy development, service delivery, or integration of emerging technologies in fast-paced industries.

MSc Marketing & Technology

The MSc Marketing & Technology aims to transform students into uniquely-trained individuals possessing the knowledge and skills required to be successful marketers in dynamic and technology-driven industries.

MSc Music, Mind & Brain

This unique programme combines music psychology with neuroscience, focusing on both the biological and cognitive aspects of musical behaviour.

MSc Occupational Psychology

Training as an Occupational Psychologist in the Institute of Management Studies will equip you with the scientific knowledge and practical skills to challenge the status quo and offer innovative solutions to workplace problems. 

MSc Social Research

The MSc Social Research is an advanced degree in social scientific methodology and is recognised by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) as a research training degree. It is suitable for those who wish to prepare for PhD research, as well as those seeking to increase key employability skills in qualitative fieldwork, quantitative data management, and data analytics.

MSc User Experience Engineering

This innovative programme will explore how people experience the world around them, particularly when using technology. You'll learn how each layer of technology, from core hardware through to the way that media is handled, can affect user experience and gain the skills for transforming user requirements into appropriate technical solutions.

MSc/PGDip Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

The MSc Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) aims to provide students with a structured training where students can systematically acquire the knowledge and skills needed to practice as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.

PGCert in Coaching

Whether you're an experienced coach, or this is a new area for you, this flexible course will support you in developing your practice. By the end of the course you'll understand what motivates people, and be able to help them enhance their performance, wellbeing, and leadership skills.

PGCert in Museums & Galleries Entrepreneurship

This programme will cover sponsorship and marketing, audience development, regeneration and partnerships, and commerce/merchandise, giving a detailed insight into the ways that museums and galleries are managed and develop entrepreneurship.

PhD by Publication

Goldsmiths' PhD by Publication is designed for academics with an existing portfolio of published work addressing a central research question

PGCE (Primary with Mathematics)

This teacher training course offers an exciting opportunity to become a qualified teacher with a specialism in mathematics. You’ll benefit from professional and college-based support networks to gain all the confidence and key skills you need.

PGCE (Primary with Modern Languages)

This teacher training programme will enable you to teach across the curriculum in two consecutive primary school age ranges, with either French, German or Spanish as a specialist subject.

PGCE (Primary)

This programme aims to develop all the skills, knowledge and understanding you’ll need to become a responsible and effective teacher in your chosen age phase.

PGCE (Secondary): Part-time Programme

This course offers an innovative and integrated route for those looking to become qualified secondary school teachers who need a part-time programme of study.

PGCE (Secondary): Mathematics

Secondary schools need good Maths teachers. This exciting and demanding programme will prepare you to become an effective and high-quality Maths teacher, with a particular focus on the unique demands of working in a multi-ethnic London comprehensive school.

PGCE (Secondary): Standard Programme

This full-time PGCE (Secondary) programme is available in conjunction with any of the following teaching subjects: Art and Design; Biology; Chemistry; Design and Technology; Drama; English; Media with English; Mathematics; Modern Languages and Physics.

PGCE (Secondary): Drama

We recognise the importance and potential of theatre as an art form. Our goal is to promote pupils’ personal, social, spiritual and cultural development through theatre and performance.

PGCE (Secondary): Art & Design

This teacher training programme prepares you to teach art and design in secondary schools. You are shown how to plan, resource, and organise art lessons, as well as how to monitor, record, evaluate, and assess students’ art practice.

PGCE (Secondary): Design & Technology

Our aim is to develop teachers whose vision, imagination and professionalism takes them beyond the realities of current educational policy, and encourage them to continually seek to evolve new and better models of practice

PGCE (Secondary): English

This teacher training programme offers a balance of theory and practice to give you a thorough grounding in all aspects of the National Curriculum for English, including post-16 teaching.

PGCE (Secondary): Media Studies with English

This programme offers a route into teaching a dynamic and constantly evolving subject. Our experts will teach you everything you need to know about the place of Media Studies within the school curriculum through a diverse and integrated course.

PGCE (Secondary): Modern Languages

This programme encourages an interactive teaching approach that builds confidence, develops understanding of how the language system works and leads to purposeful language use. It provides you with the tools to make the study of language stimulating for the full range of learners.

Short course - Primary NQT Training Programme 2019 – 2020

Our Primary NQT training programme is made up of seven different sessions. Aimed at supporting Newly Qualified Teachers in Early Years, KS1 and KS2, we want to help you grow and have the opportunity to discuss and reflect on your practice and progress.

Short course - Acting for Life

This course takes participants through the main principles of acting - finding ways to understand characters and stage scenes. Game-playing and role-playing are used as a springboard to learn the mechanics of theatre and build participants’ confidence on stage, and in the wider world.

Short course - All about the song

A workshop for songwriters and singer/songwriters of all styles with some previous experience, who wish to explore song possibilities and refine their craft.

Short course - Anthropology and Art: Museums, Galleries and Globalisation

An anthropological, cross-cultural understanding of visual and material cultures is crucial to anyone that works in the creative industries, such as those in curatorial roles. Explore the convergances between art and anthropology, and develop your understanding of non-Western artistic cultures, placing them in their proper cultural, historical and socio-economic contexts. This course will enable you to contextualise implicit value systems, challenging Western style models and aesthetics.

Short course - Anthropology of Social Spaces and the Built Environment

In recent years the cultural study of space, the built environment and natural landscape has challenged western ethnocentric assumptions that everyone experiences space in the same way. This course continues this anthropological investigation, considering the differences and similarities in our spatial experiences, the way societies express themselves and how this varies cross culturally. We will question conventional ideas of space and place, drawing on a range of anthropological perspectives.

Short course - Art Psychotherapy Foundation

This 28 week, in-depth short course is a practical and theoretical introduction to Art Psychotherapy in the UK, on which you will experience how art therapy works as a tool for self-reflection.

Short course - Art Psychotherapy - Taster Course

Interested in art psychotherapy and want to find out more? Goldsmiths is offering evening taster sessions where you can have a brief experience exploring art therapy and gaining awareness of the theories that underpin the practice. You will also have an opportunity to talk with Lecturers from the MA Art Psychotherapy about career development.

Short course - Art Therapy Large Group

This Art Therapy Large Group (ATLG) is an experiential group in which members learn from art-making, dialogue, and performance. The group will be a space for thinking, through art-making, in a shared community.

Short course - Asian Contemporary Dance

This course is for those with previous dance experience who wish to gain a knowledge of and experience in Asian Contemporary Dance. This course will look at the styling and movement performed by current dancers from Asia today.

Short course - Bad Girls: Representations of Race and Gender in Popular Culture

This course is a great introduction into race, gender and popular culture studies. We are surrounded by literature, film, series and music videos on a daily basis, from listening to Beyoncé, to watching Orange is the New Black to films such as Carol. We will question how we engage with representations of race and gender in popular culture, exploring how identity is constructed (for example femininity and masculinity) and deconstructing the complex notions that are rooted in our cultural system.

Short course - Building Resilience to Work Related Stress

The challenge to reduce work-related stress and improve wellbeing are areas of increasing interest, with recent research from bodies such as the World Health Organisation. This course draws upon evidence-based psychological intervention models, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, to enhance your awareness of when and how you and your colleagues might be affected. Through this increased self-knowledge we will explore how to cultivate greater control over your response to situational pressures.

Short course - Children's Book Illustration

On this intensive five-day course led by award-winning children's author-illustrator David Lucas, you will develop new confidence in classic illustration techniques, and create a bold and imaginative sequence of images to illustrate a narrative of your choice.

Short course - Chinese Ribbon Dance

This 10-week course will give students an introduction to the Chinese art of Fan Dance. This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in traditional Chinese dance.

Short course - Chinese Folk Dance

This course is ideal for both dancers who are interested in expanding their repertoire of styles and also beginners/enthusiasts who are interested in learning traditional Chinese dance or knowing more about Chinese arts and culture.

Short course - Combating Fear of Public Speaking

A course on advanced methods and techniques for defeating nervousness and improving confidence in public speaking. The skills covered in this course are essential for public speaking in general. More training dates here.

Short course - Comedy Writing for Stage and Screen

This 10-week online workshop will teach you the basics of comedy drama writing, including an exploration of which medium is best suited to your idea, discussion about where the comedy comes from, and instruction on how to make the choices which give your work a professional edge.

Short course - Community Arts Projects: Planning, Fundraising and Delivering

This exciting short course explores the core components of developing and delivering community arts projects. As opportunities are now limited with cuts to the majority of funding sources, projects must be innovate and timely. Our experienced team have designed this course to ensure you are well placed to overcome funding obstacles, and deliver successful community arts projects.

Short course - Community Music Practice: An Introduction

This course will provide an overview of Community Music, introducing you to the key ethics and practices. We’ll explore educational and therapeutic contexts including schools, hospitals and care homes, as well as investigating the skills and understanding needed to follow a profession in these rewarding areas.

Short course - Community Music Practice: Reaching Out to Young People

This course focuses on working with so-called “hard to reach” young people, and how music can support them in overcoming some of the challenges they face . As well as introducing you to this growing field, we’ll explore the contextual background and practical tools you’ll need to take into your own practice.

Short course - Conflict Transformation

The nature of conflict is in itself the process of transformation. Understanding and tuning into our own experiences and insights, alongside an exploration into theories and methodologies, enable us to develop a way of thinking and doing that is informed by values of dignity and respect.

Short course - Advocacy

Learn to advocate well – in court and other contexts. This is a course on advocacy as taught at the English Bar and practiced in English courts; enriched with advocacy practices from other countries (e.g. US and Russia), as well as with knowledge from psychology.

Short course - Inside the Creative Process: with War Horse composer Adrian Sutton

Join Adrian Sutton in conversation with Professor Mark d’Inverno for a lively and insightful discussion and evening reception. Hear about Adrian’s exciting and varied career as a composer, his diverse range of skills and knowledge, and the challenges and rewards of its creative process. Gain insights into what he has learnt about the mechanisms of his own creativity and that of others, and what he continues to learn.

Short course - Creativity, Confidence and Public Speaking

Do you feel anxious interacting with people one-to-one or in groups? This entry-level course will give you the tools to become more confident, in work, and life in general, and help you feel more confident in group settings, and improve how you feel internally when facing new situations.

Short course - Cultural Studies: Ethics for Changing Worlds

Cultural Studies explores the political dynamics of contemporary culture. It does this from a variety of angles, both empirical and theoretical. In contemporary debates the question often emerges of how we can lead different lives as responses to political, environmental and economical crisis. This course will focus on different ways to think about actions and relations (summed up as ethics) and what it means to change the life one lives in a rapidly changing world.

Short course - Culture, Society and the Making of Humanity: Introducing Anthropology

Why do we identify with some social groups more than others? How do every day activities such as shopping inform our sense of group belonging? Human behaviour, culture and society pose many questions for all of us and through the discipline of anthropology - the study of humans - we can reveal important insights into language, race, marriage, religion, sex and other defining features of our humanity.

Short course - Dance Movement Psychotherapy Taster Course

This Dance Movement Psychotherapy Taster evening will provide you with you an opportunity to understand more about the principles and practice of this exciting and transformative field of study. The evening will include presentations, lectures and experiential work under the expert supervision of our academic team. This course will give you an insight into the field, including what professional training options are available, and what the experience of being a professional practitioner entails.

Short course - Decolonising Anthropology: Why and How it matters

While colonization is broadly thought of as having officially ended in the decades following the second world war, the (im)balance of power created by colonialism is still present and powerful. This course critiques anthropology through materials and perspectives gained from indigenous and non-western scholarship. You will reflect on race, gender, sexuality, environmentalism, economics, and philosophy from alternative perspectives drawn from the USA, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific.

Short course - Democracy and its Demons

Ever since Francis Fukuyama’s ill-fated prediction that the liberal democratic model was here to stay, democracies seem to be threatened on all sides – from religious fundamentalism, populism, post-truth and political lying, ‘culture wars’, and new forms of authoritarianism. This course explores these underlying tensions and contemplates democracy’s uncertain future.

Short course - Eating Disorders: An Expression of the Self

This half day workshop will address two broad questions: What is the psychopathology and aetiology of EDs? How can therapists and counsellors think about and work with clients presenting with an Eating Disorder, to ensure a good outcome and promote recovery?

Short course - English Language and Psychology

This short course is designed for anyone who wishes to achieve fluency in English. You will improve your English language skills while discovering psychology as it applies to multiple life contexts.

Short course - Exploring Urban Anthropology Through City Films

Urban anthropology has fascinated journalists, photographers, and policy makers since the 1920s. ‘Exploring Urban Anthropology Through City Films’ investigates anthropology through a number of documentaries and fiction films. You will touch on everything from sprawling 1920s urban documentaries (or city symphonies), to the video diaries of Lithuanian-American filmmaker Jonas Mekas, to James Benning’s Slow Cinema.

Short course - Eye Tracking: Dynamic Stimuli

Researchers are increasingly interested in recording eye movements while participants interact with dynamic stimuli - from using simple animations to maintain engagement when eye tracking infants and children, through the use of video stimuli, to recording eye movements while people interact with websites and software. In this unique course, SR Research will demonstrate a range of solutions for recording and analysing eye tracking data while participants view dynamic stimuli.

Short course - Eye Tracking: EEG Recording

Researchers are increasingly aware of the advantages of combining eye tracking with EEG and other neurophysiological recording techniques such as fNIRS. In this advanced workshop, you will learn how to set up SR Research EyeLink systems to interface with a range of EEG/fNIRS systems, using both TTL signalling and more advanced integration (for EGI systems). The workshop will also cover how to co-register eye tracking and EEG data using Fieldtrip software.

Short course - Eye Tracking: Infants and Children

Monitoring the gaze of infants and children can provide powerful insights into the development of cognitive, linguistic and social processes, but young participants create a number of challenges for eye tracking researchers - not least in participant setup, experimental design and data analysis. In this unique course, learn how to get the most out of your SR Research EyeLink system when working with infants and children.

Short course - Eye Tracking: Introduction to EyeLink

Renowned for their high sampling rates and exceptional levels of accuracy and precision, EyeLink systems are used in top laboratories worldwide. In this unique course, SR Research will provide extensive hands-on training in EyeLink systems, demonstrating how to maximise data quality, and introduce software for Experiment Builder stimulus presentation and Data Viewer analysis. The course is for researchers who are relatively new to eye tracking, or would like to refresh their existing knowledge.

Short course - Eye Tracking: Neuropsychiatry

Research into the oculomotor abnormalities associated with neurological and psychiatric disorders has a long history. Focusing on a range of tasks assessing basic oculomotor control, this advanced workshop will provide you with a range of practical skills, both in the implementation and interpretation of tasks such as prosaccade, antisaccade, smooth pursuit and fixation stability, using SR Research EyeLink eye trackers.

Short course - Eye Tracking: Psycholinguistics

Researchers have used eye tracking to inform their understanding of how people read and process language for decades. Psycholinguists have been pioneers in the development of eye tracking technology, methodology, and techniques for analysing eye movement data. In this advanced workshop SR Research EyeLink users will learn how to record accurate data during reading and comprehension, create a range of common tasks in Experiment Builder, and analyse reading/visual world data in Data Viewer.

Short course - Eye Tracking: Pupillometry

The pupil has long been seen as a unique window into the mind, and researchers are increasingly interested in analysing pupil size data recorded by video-based eye trackers in order to gain insights into cognitive and emotional processes during task performance. This advanced workshop will outline the theoretical rationale for pupillometry, and the key methodological issues that need to be considered by EyeLink users when recording and analysing pupil data.

Short course - Field Recording: Soundscape Composition

Field recording documents the world of sound around us: environments, animals and human activity of every kind. Composer Barry Truax defines soundscape composition as a spectrum of work which begins with found sound: “a soundscape whose organisation is so compelling, varied, and interesting that a simple recording of it may be listened to with the same appreciation that one has for conventional music.”

Short course - Genetics and Law

Learn about latest genetic findings affecting individuals; potential misuses of these findings; and the law protecting from such misuses.

Short course - Genetics and Society

Learn about genetic advances and how they affect individuals and society. This one-day course is taught by leading experts in genetics, psychology, law and ethics - members of The Accessible Genetics Consortium.

Short course - Getting to Grips with Max 8: Exploring Music, Sonic and Audiovisual Art

Learn how to use Cycling 74's Max 8 software to compose and perform original musical compositions, and create sonic, audiovisual and interactive sound art. You will gain the skills to create and customise Max “patches”, understand the basics of digital audio signal processing, and develop the skills to modify and customise existing patches and Max for Live devices.

Short course - How to get your book published

Do you need help finding an agent, pitching your great idea to a publisher, or turning your thesis into a non-fiction bestseller? This course will introduce you to the world of publishing and give you all the tools you need to publish a book.

Short course - How to Write Poetry: Form and Feeling

Wordsworth defined poetry as ‘the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.’ While ‘feelings’ are an important aspect of poetry, form also helps to shape ideas in interesting ways. We’ll study great traditional and contemporary poets as a way to produce our own new writing. Inspired and informed by what we read, we’ll craft our own verse, learning about sound techniques, line breaks, imagery, and poetic language, using objects, memory and life experience to develop our ‘spontaneous overflow.’

Short course - Intermediate Korean

This is a 10-week intermediate course in Korean and is suitable for those with some prior experience of learning the language. It acts as a follow-on to the basic vocabulary and grammar learnt at the beginner and lower-intermediate level to further Korean language study.

Short course - International Business Law

Learn to deal with complex international transactions: from start to dispute resolution to enforcement of judgements in foreign jurisdictions. This course is designed to enable you to create a clear picture of the vast, but fascinating, area of International Business Law.

Short course - Introduction to Art Psychotherapy

Goldsmiths is offering a 2-day workshop where you can experience and learn about the theories that underpin art psychotherapy practice, discover how art psychotherapy can help, and have an opportunity to talk with tutors from the MA Art Psychotherapy about career development.

Short course - Introduction to Composing for Film

For composers interested in writing music for film and TV, this course offers a thorough introduction to the technology and specific challenges involved in composing and producing music for film.

Short course - Introduction to Counselling: Core Skills and Theories

If you have an interest in counselling and would like to find out more about the principles and practice of the three major approaches; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic and Person Centred Therapy, then this two weekend workshop is an ideal starting point. You can take the first weekend as a standalone course, which will provide a solid grounding in the three major approaches, or both weekends, the second of which will be an interactive and experiential counselling skills workshop.

Short course - Introduction to Creative Writing

Graham Greene said: ‘I have no talent. It’s just a question of working, of being willing to put in the time.’ Through supportive workshops, you’ll develop your fiction writing skills, crafting original plots and characters that come alive on the page. You’ll also explore how to structure a poem and produce brave, visual images. Finding your writing voice is a bit like finding your voice in life, and this course will help you let go of writing inhibitions and discover your individual expression.

Short course - Introduction to experimental hypnosis research

Hypnosis represents a powerful but widely misunderstood method for harnessing suggestion to alter the contents of consciousness. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the experimental study of hypnosis and will provide attendees with a strong platform to conduct and critically evaluate research in this field.

Short course - Introduction to Field Recording and the Soundscape

Field recordings are sound recordings made outside of a studio using portable equipment to capture the acoustical traces of landscapes, locations, and populations. This course explores the techniques of field recording, providing an overview of the discipline, which has vital importance for film and documentary sound, radio, scientific and ecology enquiry and art practice.

Short course - Introduction to Game Design

This short course a journey into the practice of game design. An exploration of games and playful content which leads you to learn how games are made and how to deliver powerful meaning through games and playful experiences. Let's make games together.

Short course - Introduction to Institutional Analysis

Contemporary institutions are defined by complexity, over-work, and toxic relationships, resulting in workers feeling alienated and fatigued. This course responds to increasing demands for institutional change and the growing international interest in Institutional Analysis, a revolutionary practice that works to understand and radically transform institutions from the inside out.

Short course - Introduction to Machine Learning with Python

This is a practical introduction to Machine Learning using Python programming language. Machine Learning allows you to create systems and models that understand large amounts of data. These models support our decision making in a range of fields, including market prediction, within scientific research and statistical analysis. This course will teach you how to use statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms that enable a computer system to learn from different types of data.

Short course - Introduction to R - Evening course

This evening course will teach you how to process and analyse data, install packages for functionality and make high-quality graphics using R, a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.

Short course - Introduction to Screenwriting

A general introduction to every facet of writing a screenplay, including what makes a viable idea, developing the plot, incorporating useful sub-plots, creating realistic characters, and memorable dialogue.

Short course - Introduction to Social Media

Learn how to make social media algorithms work for you personally and professionally, regain control over your social media feeds and make the most of your smartphone to create stunning social media posts.

Short course - Introduction to Visual Anthropology: Documentaries and Ethnographic Films

In this course we will identify what makes an ethnographic film work. We will ask: how can we portray other people’s way of life on film truthfully? What is the appropriate way to represent them? Is it possible to translate their experience objectively? What does the ethnographic method bring to filmmaking? We will consider how anthropology has used filmmaking since the birth of cinema and how filmmaking practices in anthropology have evolved with advances in technology.

Short course - Introduction to Web Development

Tim Berners Lee said ‘the original idea of the web was that it should be a collaborative space where you can communicate through sharing information.’ There are many tools and customisable web sites that enable you to ‘get online’, communicate & collaborate. This introductory course will teach you how to build websites from the ground up using HTML and CSS, providing an understanding of web technologies. We’ll also cover how to make these compatible with all devices, from smartphone to desktop.

Short course - Japanese for Beginners

Japanese for Beginners introduces you to basic Japanese vocabulary and grammar, and gives you a good foundation for further Japanese language study. This is a 10-week course suitable for those with no prior experience with the language.

Short course - Law and Justice

Take an exciting journey through one of society’s most fascinating creations. Discover Law not as a maze of complex procedure and acts, but as a beautifully crafted system.

Short course - Leading in Uncertainty

These are uncertain times. COVID-19. Brexit. Trump. North Korea. The economy. Travel. Jobs. Working environment. The weather. Healthcare. The future of work. The rise of the robot. TikTok.

Short course - Guzheng

This flexible 1-1 course takes place over 10 weeks in our Autumn, Spring and Summer terms.

Short course - Liberalism in the Anthropocene

The climate crisis brought about in the Anthropocene has emerged in recent years as not only the backdrop to growing global neo-fascisms but often as their cause. How we respond to these conditions is of the utmost importance – is Liberalism the best framework to view them through?

Short course - Creative Writing Inspired by London: Writing the City

E.M Forster wrote: “Certainly London fascinates…It lies beyond everything.” This course will encourage you to write about London – one of the most inspiring cities in the world. Each week there’s an exercise based on a different aspect of the city. We will generate new material and experiment with different styles, sharing our own work during class as well as taking inspiration from some famous London writers. Writers of fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction are all welcome on this course.

Short course - Loud and Clear: Writing to Amplify Underrepresented Voices

Loud and Clear is for writers wanting to centre the narratives of underrepresented voices. Through the development of a 10-minute play or film, this practical course explores the challenges that arise from creating with/for marginalised communities, offering techniques and insight on how to approach the work with creativity and integrity.

Short course - Mandarin Chinese - Advanced

Building on your previous knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, the Advanced Mandarin course will refine your current language skills whilst improving your cross-cultural competency and referencing Chinese culture and society.

Short course - HSK Training Course

We offer bespoke HSK training course for those who wish to get specialised learning and support to provide you with a systematic preparation for the tests based upon the features and curriculum of HSK.

Short course - Masters of Sex: Feminisms, Sexuality and the Archive

This is a great introduction into feminist and queer studies and its relationship to the archive, which are spaces that hold different narratives and histories about how we once lived, informing us about the past, present and future. This holds an important place within feminist and queer scholarship, enabling us to understand how racialised and gendered histories live on. Through media examples we will explore how LGBTQ artists and activists use the archive in their cultural interventions.

Short course - Media Music: Studio Conducting

Whether you are a media composer, arranger or orchestrator, taking on the role of conductor for a recording session may seem like a daunting prospect, but it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences of your music career. This three day intensive course provides music professionals with the skillset required to confidently lead film and media music recording sessions with live musicians; culminating in the practical experience of conducting an intimate recording session.

Short course - Memoir and Life Writing

We all have a story to tell and this is where you'll learn how to write it. Memoirs enable us to examine and articulate the memorable moments and events of our lives. Through writing and constructive feedback this course explores how to give form and shape to our major stories and turning points. In supportive sessions we will form a tight-knit group, exploring the nuances of life writing as a genre, examining the ethical implications, and gaining an understanding of the contemporary field.

Short course - Modern Political Philosophy from Hobbes to Marx

Do we have an obligation to obey the law? Where do our rights come from? Should we have the freedom to offend? What does democracy mean? Does capitalism work? These are just some of the questions explored on this course, which takes you on an adventure in modern political philosophy.

Short course - Music Production: Mixing and Mastering

This course teaches you how to mix audio and master from start to finish. A good mix is an essential ingredient of the recording process and our experienced tutors can give you the insight and skills to make your mix sound professional.

Short course - Music Production: Studio Recording

This course is designed for musicians, sound artists and prospective sound engineers. Based on advanced studio recording techniques, the course addresses the optimal approach to high quality home and on-location recording techniques.

Short course - Myth, Ritual and Magic: Introducing the Anthropology of Religion

This course introduces an anthropological perspective on religion, examining its role in diverse cross-cultural contexts and investigating the evolutionary and psychological significance of religious behaviours in order to understand what, if anything, constitutes ‘human nature’. We will encourage you to engage critically with your perception of different beliefs, reflecting on the cultural biases that we employ when thinking about religious, sociocultural or ethnic groups different to our own.

Short course - Prince Studies: Design for Life

If you love design and cultural theory, this is the course for you. Prince Studies offers a unique opportunity to study the artist, musician, performer, filmmaker and icon Prince, and the context in which he lived and worked, using fandom as a method to explore visual and material culture.

Short course - Psychological Flexibility at Work: ACT, Enhanced Performance and Wellbeing

This course is designed for practitioners and trainers who want to learn how to incorporate techniques from Acceptance and Commitment training (ACT) into their work. For over 20 years, Goldsmiths’ academics have published peer-reviewed studies on the beneficial impacts that ACT has on the performance and wellbeing of employees. This course will explore how individuals can increase psychological flexibility, acquiring a toolkit of techniques and resources for using ACT in the workplace.

Short course - Psychology and Law

Learn about the psychology of the justice process. This course covers a wide range of psychological phenomena relevant to all stages of the justice process.

Short course - Psychology in 10 Weeks

Take an exciting journey through the most diverse of sciences. Discover Psychology not as a motley collection of theories, but as a powerful science that aims to improve people's lives.

Short course - Psychology in one day

Take an exciting journey through the most diverse of sciences. Discover Psychology not as a motley collection of theories, but as a powerful science that aims to improve people's lives. This interactive short course in Psychology is taught in small groups by psychologists conducting cutting-edge research.

Short course - Releasing Music

Self-releasing music is becoming a more widely practiced and viable pathway for musicians of all genres. On this six-week course, you will examine and learn to apply the tools needed to self-release music online, and take creative and commercial control of your own projects.

Short course - Religion, Belief and Social Change

Bring your passion for politics and social change together to critically explore how the latest formations of the religious, the spiritual and the secular are producing new agendas and tactics for solidarity and transformation.

Short course - Soul/Jazz/Gospel Vocals

Come and explore soul, jazz and gospel music, build your confidence, experience the joy of singing, find your voice and develop your singing skills in a safe, enjoyable and creative atmosphere with others.

Short course - Starting your novel

Always wanted to write a novel but don't know where to begin? This course will kick-start your book, giving you the confidence to find and shape an idea, write a first draft, and learn the steps required to take an idea from draft to published book.

Short course - Couple Therapy Perspectives in Counselling

Couple and Relationship issues are the most prevalent presenting problems in therapy. If you’re working or studying in the counselling field then this short course will harness your interest in this specialist area. Couple therapists are highly sought after, and developing your skills and knowledge in this area has real potential to increase your understanding and shape your career trajectory.

Short course - The Multiverse: A Garden of Forking Paths

Parallel universes, many worlds, alternative realities: the multiverse is a multitude of universes, some familiar, containing all histories of our world and every possible realisation of every person’s life; others incomprehensibly different, worlds beyond our imagination; uninhabited maelstroms of matter and energy. We will voyage into the unknown with the help of quantum physics, cosmology, string and information theory, simulated reality and the fiction of Jorge Borges.

Short course - The psychology behind impactful digital experiences

Understand what really drives digital impact. We take you through key consumer psychology principles for engaging and retaining customers. In today’s attention-centred economy, it is more important than ever to engage your users, ensuring your audience can easily access your digital products and services. But with so many elements of a user’s experience to measure, it can be hard to know where to start, or what matters for delivering impact and customer value.

Short course - An introduction to the Anthropology of Sport

Is spectator sport ‘just a game’? Or is it one of the principal mass communications channels for reinforcing structures of power and control, and making them appear ‘normal’? What are the hidden messages being sent out by the organisers of any public sporting event? And how are these experienced or contested on the ground?

Short course - Victorian Entertainment

Forms as different as displays, theatre performances, ethnological exhibitions, freak shows, and the circus provided not only vibrant entertainment in Victorian Britain but also a channel for political observation and propaganda. We will investigate the controversial nature of Victorian entertainment, reflecting on its legacy in contemporary Britain.

Short course - Writing Picture Books

On this 10-session online evening course led by award-winning children's author Sean Taylor, you will explore what makes a successful picture book story, and work towards writing one yourself.

Short course - How to Run Social Media and Digital Marketing Campaigns

Social Media poses a challenge across cultural and artistic institutions and charities. Keeping the world informed about our activities, across multiple digital platforms, can be difficult with limited resources. This workshop teaches you how to take control of those timelines, tweets, likes and shares through a renewed focus and concentration of finding the ‘human’ in technology.